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Corporate Change through Creativity

When words are not enough, we turn to images and symbols to tell our stories.

I have something special to share with you today. I cannot stress more the importance of prioritising creativity in our daily life and want to share my thoughts and experience on applying art therapy to the corporate world.

The importance of employees’ wellbeing and mental health have been gaining more attention lately. Many leading companies choose to implement corporate wellness programmes, yet so often focus remains on the physical aspect of wellbeing such as ergonomic chairs, yoga classes, etc. Even though invested time and money look good on paper, often employees still remain disconnected from each other in the corporate environment, suffer from work-related stress and as a result low productivity.

Mental health has to be taking a more predominant place and creative medium could play a crucial role in helping to manage employee experience, wellbeing, and health.

This is where art therapy comes in.

Why art? Evidence in neuroscience suggests that creating art is a powerful tool in leading healing and growth, through creative play. Across millennia people have turned to art to express themselves.

'Visual art media allows one to be free and encourages experimentation and mini-risk taking. It helps release emotions and get in touch with the subconscious. When words are not enough, we turn to images and symbols to tell our stories.'

I came up with Colorflow Ink Workshops with a goal to bring joy and enhance one’s creativity. The technique is easy to grasp, playful, and mindful. While creating an abstract piece of artwork, participants are focusing on their own perceptions, imagination, and feelings. ​

At the workshop everyone crafts their own piece of original artwork through a creatively soothing combination of playfulness and imagination. From dripping to pouring, making swirls and patterns, it sets one’s feelings free!

Most importantly, they get stunning results and are able to proudly show their own masterpiece and bring it home, which boosts self confidence to be more creative in their life and ways of working.

I have now conducted my workshop for dozens of companies from small startups to largest corporations as L'Oréal, Pandora, Maersk, Implement, NovoNordisk, Trustpilot, Skat, UNICEF, EcoTree, Wexøe, Accenture, etc.

Here is what I observe the most and the feedback I get every time on my Colorflow Ink Workhsops:

  • Creating Art reduces stress

“I have not experienced such a peaceful state of mind in a very long time, I forgot about time and space while painting, I feel so good now! ”

  • Quality time with colleges leads to better communication

“The workshop was so much fun, besides creating own artwork, we had so much fun describing our processes and seeing such different results”

  • Boosts-self esteem and confidence with creativity

“ WOW I cannot believe I created this artwork! I didn't know that I can paint or be so creative! Im so inspired now!”

As you see, the best part about it is that anyone can do it! The workshop is tailored to unleash inner creative artist and perfectly suitable for all ages and experience levels.​​

Please get in touch with me to tailor this experience for you and your team!

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