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Get together through a creative play

CREATIVE EXPERIENCE FOR your team, group of friends or family !

I am so thrilled to invite you to experience Colorflow Ink Workshop as a teambuilding or group experience! It is an abstract art workshop where I will guide your team in creation of own piece of artwork in an easy and trending technique, while focusing on the imagination and engaging with colors in a playful & mindful way.

Everyone crafts their own piece of original artwork through a creatively soothing combination of playfulness and imagination. From dripping to pouring, making swirls and patterns, it sets your feelings free!


The best part about it is that anyone can do it! The workshop is tailored to unleash your inner creative artist and perfectly suitable for all ages and experience levels.

The workshops has proven to be a great success with over 350 happy participants, including teams from L'Oréal, Pandora, Implement, NovoNordisk, Skat, UNICEF, EcoTree, Wexøe, etc.


“ The process was very exciting and everybody was pleased with their results. It was a great way to promote our Art Club at Implement and gather people around creative play “


Jan Lythcke-Jørgensen,

Partner at Implement Consulting Group

'Really cool experience. We went as a team building event and the atmosphere was super relaxed with nice snacks and good instructions from Rita on how to be an artist for a day ' 

Rie Hoffmann,
Manager at UNICEF


The workshop is tailored to let anyone unleash their inner creative artist and perfectly suitable for all ages and personalities – no prior artwork experience needed!

I suggest to dedicate 2-3 hours for the experience:

  • We’ll start with some delicious refreshments;

  • Introduction to the technique, color theory and composition;

  • Demonstration of the technique, secret tips and tricks to create a successful piece of artwork;

  • Everyone will choose the colors and test the method;

  • Time to let your imagination flow and create the artwork.


Afterwards the art could be hanged in the frames in your office or brought home!




We are flexible and can accommodate the workshop at any space! The only requirements would be have at least 40X40 cm table space for each participant and access to a power plug. A decent ventilation in the room is a plus.


For the group under 12 participants we suggest to host the workshop in a beautiful venue - the spacious Nata Watts Gallery - located in the heart of the Copenhagen. Address: Hyskenstræde 12, 1207 København K

Please feel free to contact me to find a date, get a price quote and plan the event!

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