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Inspired by nature, I've developed a unique technique using fluid paint materials that mimic our natural environment.

Developing this technique, I came up with the COLORFLOW concept, portraying the wonderful landscapes across different parts of our planet to raise awareness about the environmental issues that we face. My recipe includes various mediums and sustainably sourced 23K gold and silver.

I use COLORFLOW as a space where I can express the story and intentions behind my art. Currently based in Copenhagen, my inspiration draws upon a vision to also reflect the Danish design philosophy of minimalism and simplicity. 


I also conduct workshops on this style with a mission to bring people closer to art in a creative and playful manner. It is a unique experience with a tangible end result that fits well into a Scandinavian design context.

Join one of the Colorflow Workshops in Copenhagen or contact me if you are interested in a private or teambuilding workshop. 

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