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new exhibition 

at Nina Sampson Gallery


during summer 2021 to stop by the Gallery Nina Sampson in Copenhagen, where you can experience my art exhibition ! 

The exhibition is a part of my Colors for Climate project, portraying unique landscapes and cultures of our planet, in order to raise awareness of environmental issues. The strength of the project lies precisely at the intersection of my own self – nested between a passion and purpose to portray and protect People, Culture and Nature. I am using my artwork as a language for change, able to transcend cultures and country borders, just as nature and the environment. The purpose aims at taking the greatest and most abstract challenges of our time, such as wildlife conservation and climate change, and translating it into something personal and meaningful to every human being. I’m on a mission to combat compassion fatigue using art as the primary weapon. 

 All the artwork is original and up for sale.

Dag Hammarskjölds Allé 42B, 2100 København


The exhibition will last throughout summer 2021

Gallery opening hours :

Tuesday to Friday 13-18
Saturday 12-15
Sunday and Monday closed

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