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What it means to commission an art piece?

Commissioning artwork is a great way to bring a personal touch to your home or office. I have a long experience in creating one-of-a-kind pieces that are tailored to specific preferences. Whether you have a certain color scheme, subject matter, or size in mind, I will work with you to bring your vision to life.


The process is easy and enjoyable, and you will love the unique piece of art that I create for you.

The process

Each story is special, yet usually the process consists of few steps: 


1. We have an initial meeting, talk or chat to find out why you want to commission an artwork:


  • Missing colors and new emotions in your home?

  • Have a certain wall in your house that needs an art? 

  • Found an inspiration or memorable experience that you would like to embody through artwork?

  • What are you drawn to? Abstract or figurative art?

2. Based on our talk I will create a booklet for you with my suggestions for the color palette, references, and photo mock-up of your interior.


3.  Based on your feedback, we will settle the sketches, perhaps choose the frame. Finally its magic time! I dive into creative process and work on the painting! If no specific deadline, average time from 2 to 4 weeks.  


4. You will get your artwork framed and delivered! 


No matter where are you in the world, I can work with you digitally to find out the concept and create the perfect piece.

Client Story 1


Pilunnguaq moved into a beautiful house in Iceland and had a wish to decorate with a large portrait of a local lady that would represent Icelandic tradition yet with contemporary details.


 We worked on a distance, Pilunnguaq sent me some pictures of the wall and after extensive research I made few proposals. Pilunnguaq ended up loving the final result and now enjoys the artwork at her beautiful home! 

IMG_6870 2.jpg
light - Margarita Howis commission art.jpg

Client Story 2


Eugenia had a wish to a large art piece that would reflect the water canal outside hew balcony and complete the interior. She is drawn to abstract art in my signature colorflow technique, yet challenged me with a wish for graphic details.


After a visit, I have developed a color scheme and made a mock up sketch. Once we agreed on details, I have developed a perfect art piece for their home. Eugenia and her family were incredibly happy with result! 

light - Maragraita Howis commission art.jpg
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