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Into the Wilderness is a unique artwork and a part of the Colors for Climate project, portraying unique landscapes of our planet, in order to raise the awareness of the environmental issues. With this piece I invite you on a journey into the wilderness, unfolding mesmerizing colors of wild nature.   


Wilderness areas store vast amounts of carbon, and their continued destruction and degradation is literally a climate disaster in the making. Wilderness areas in particular are also more resilient, resisting the effects of climate change, giving biodiversity a better chance to adapt and survive global warming, and providing a natural buffer to the effects of climate change, such as extreme weather patterns. The role of wilderness in fighting global warming and helping us adapt to its effects is beginning to get more attention but there is much to be done.


The artwork is created by mixed media on panel, plated with 23K gold.  It has a rich texture and catches the light differently throughout the day. The artwork comes with brass  frame and optionally the artwork comes with a backlight. 


BY PURCHASING THIS ARTWORK YOU MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE!  A new tree is being planted and maintained on your behalf though EcoTree. You will recieve a certificate with the tree details.

Into the Wilderness. SOLD

kr 8.000,00Price
  • Mixed media on panel, plated with 23K gold


    Comes with a brass frame and optionally with backlight

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