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Unveiling NOOM Mural: Embracing Differences, Building One Tribe

I'm thrilled to share with you my latest project: a breathtaking mural created for NOOM, a visionary residence complex in Cancun. Titled "Embracing Differences, Building One Tribe," this mural is a vibrant celebration of diversity, unity, and the beauty of communal living.

Spanning over 5 by 5 meters, this grand wall mural was a new experience for me, yet it went seamlessly, and the result is truly stunning. Inspired by NOOM's commitment to promoting wellness and sustainability, my mural features five distinct faces, each representing a different ethnicity, race, and age. Painted the wall fully with a brush, in warm earthy tones with accent colors, the mural invites viewers to explore the emotions and stories depicted within. I spend over a week working on it and Cancun's tropical climate brought its own challenges, from scorching heat to unexpected rain showers. But you know what they say: no rain, no rainbow!

Collaborating with architects Pedrajo + Pedrajo Arquitectos, we aimed to create a mural that reflects NOOM,'s values and ethos. Through art, we have the power to transform spaces and inspire change, and I'm honored to have contributed to NOOM's vision.

NOOM is a revolutionary concept that has garnered numerous architectural awards for its innovative sustainable bamboo design. As a refuge for conscious living, NOOM embodies a more natural way of life, prioritizing wellness and sustainability. With its Wellness Living approach, NOOM integrates various elements to prevent health problems and promote healthier lifestyles.

From air and water quality to thermal comfort and community engagement, NOOM's design fosters a nurturing environment that prioritizes the well-being of its residents. Through passive and bioclimatic design strategies, NOOM minimizes its environmental impact while maximizing its connection with nature. With its commitment to sustainability and well-being, NOOM sets a new standard for modern living.

So, why does this mural matter? Well, it's a reminder that no matter our differences, we're all part of the same tribe. By celebrating what makes us unique and coming together as one big family, we can create a world that's brighter and more inclusive for everyone.

photo credits: Mirieli Herrera

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