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Healing Through Art: A Collaborative Painting at the Conference in Paris

Last week in Paris I was honoured to contribute my artistic perspective to a conference Enfant-Demain addressing the critical issue of bullying in schools, a deeply affecting topic demanding nuanced discussions. I was invited by amazing activist that I am working on Agathe Lemaitre. Proposing an innovative concept inspired by the ancient Japanese tradition of Kintsugi, I envisioned a collaborative painting as a symbolic representation of healing from emotional pain and trauma.

The first day unfolded with me live-painting large portraits portraying individuals as broken sculptures, symbolizing the emotional pain experienced by those affected by bullying. The interactive workshops allowed participants to contribute by metaphorically mending the "cracks" in the artwork, incorporating transformative color therapy. Painting flowers within the cracks became a metaphor for growth, resilience, and recovery.

The final touch included adorning the cracks with gold leaf, symbolizing resilience and strength. Participants wrote empowering statements, turning perceived flaws into sources of strength.

The resulting artwork became a living testament to the healing process, celebrating imperfections and illustrating strength found in unity.

My live painting and workshop brought transformative energy to the conference, offering participants a unique way to engage with themes of healing and unity. The artwork became more than paint on canvas – it became a living, breathing narrative of strength found in embracing vulnerabilities and supporting one another on the journey toward healing.

Reflecting on this experience reaffirms my belief in art's power to elevate conversations, foster healing, and bring about positive change.

The conference was a collaborative journey toward understanding, compassion, and empowerment – beautifully illustrated by the brushstrokes of healing. The artwork will be exhibited in a prime exhibition in Paris, extending its impact beyond the conference walls.

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