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We live in a patriarchal society that often appears to value thinking over intuition, taking action over being receptive. Divine Feminine allows us to challenge that. The divine feminine is generally thought to represent the part of our consciousness that connects us to qualities like intuition, feeling, nurturing, receptivity, and interconnectedness.


I have developed this piece after I’ve been through some challenging times. It aims to give support and strength through divine feminine wisdom. The painting is an embodiment of feminine power, it invites you to tap into a sacred spiritual energy that’s believed to exist within all of us, and embrace it by finding strength in our own softness and challenging society’s idea of what it means to empowered.


BY PURCHASING THIS ARTWORK YOU MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE!  A new tree is being planted and well mainted on your behalf though Ecotree. You will recieve a certificate with the tree details.

Divine Feminine. SOLD

  • Acrylic on canvas, plated with 23K gold


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