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”Gluttony” is a bold and provocative creation within the Villain Era series, fearlessly challenging societal perceptions of the 7 deadly sins. This playful depiction serves as a reminder that there is joy and satisfaction in allowing ourselves to fully experience and appreciate the pleasures of life. ”Gluttony” invites us to question society’s rigid definitions of moderation and encourages a more compassionate and balanced relationship with our desires. By embracing the act of indulgence without guilt or shame, we can learn to celebrate the small moments of delight that bring us happiness and nourish our souls. This artwork challenges us to reframe our understanding of gluttony, encouraging us to savor life’s offerings with a sense of delight and gratitude. It prompts us to find harmony between self-care and indulgence, fostering a healthier and more mindful approach to our relationship with food and the simple pleasures it brings.

SOLD. Villain Era

kr 20.000,00Price
  • 600 x 800mm

    Multimedia on panel, plated with 23K gold 

    Comes with black steel frame



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