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”Lust” is an intriguing artwork that dares to challenge the conventional notions surrounding the 7 deadly sins. With its provocative and sensual scenes, this piece invites viewers to explore and question the complexities of human desire. It serves as a bold reminder that lust, when understood and harnessed with respect and consent, can be a catalyst for passion, intimacy, and genuine connection. By examining the diverse expressions of desire depicted in this artwork, we are prompted to confront societal taboos and engage in open conversations about healthy expressions of sexuality. ”Lust” encourages us to embrace our sensuality, navigate our desires with empathy and mutual consent, and celebrate the beauty and power of human connection. It challenges us to challenge stereotypes and judgments surrounding lust, opening doors for greater understanding and acceptance of diverse experiences and expressions of desire.

SOLD. Villain Era. LUST

kr 20.000,00Price
  • 900 x 1100mm

    Multimedia on panel, plated with 23K gold 

    Comes with black steel frame



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