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Collaboration RITA HOWIS X HDV

Lately I am doing a lot of business in France and I am excited to share with you one of my latest collaborations with sustainable ready-to-wear brand HDV! Are you into comfortable, yet cool clothes, supporting small businesses and sharing slow fashion values? Then this story is for you!

I met Timothe ( founder of HDV) in my Colorflow Copenhagen Showroom at the end of 2020. I had just finished the ‘The Wave’ painting and I was going through some emotional times and expressed it on that canvas.

The art piece caught Timothe's eyes and spoke out to him in such a way that he simply could not leave my showroom without it. Soon after, I shipped it to France. After a while, he proposed that we should make a collaboration together with his HDV brand through an art line of cool hoodies! I developed an artwork series in collaboration with @hdv_officiel that portrays bees, the soul of HDV brand 🐝 Through these artworks, printed on amazing quality hoodies, we wish to remind people about the importance of bees in our ecosystem.

HDV is a French ready-to-wear brand with a strong concept. It stands for the notion that each one of us has its own "Life Hygiene Pot" and must participate in the protection of the environment with an eco-responsible objective. Honey is the product of the work of bees, which have an essential and primordial role in preserving biodiversity. It alone encompasses the values that HDV wants to convey through the natural quality aspect while respecting beings and nature.

HDV's main values:

Ethical value

Respect for people and workers directly or indirectly in connection with the production of HDV clothing. Each collection is established through a strict process aimed at respecting humans and their work. The cultivation of traditional cotton is polluting and harmful and the WHO denounces 22,000 deaths due to exposure to toxic products. HDV's organic cotton is GMO-free, chemical-free, pesticide-free, insecticide-free and less water-intensive during the manufacture process resulting in products made with respect for nature!

Ecological value

Respect for the environment in the choice of eco-responsible materials for the HDV items offered is at the heart of its commitment. That is why each garment is made of organic, natural or recycled/recyclable materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester. For transport, items are put in cardboard packages with a reuse and recycling option, without plastic.

If you, like me, would like to wear comfortable, high-quality and beautifully design clothes, supporting small businesses and sharing slow fashion values, getting a hoodie sounds like a great idea!

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That's such a cool collaboration! Well done - I want one :-)

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