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Collaboration with Bartholomew and NYC Fashion week shows

As an artist, I am always passionate about collaborating with like-minded individuals in creating something truly unique and meaningful. Recently, I had the opportunity to collaborate with a talented fashion designer, Winston Bartholomew, and our work was presented during New York Fashion Week. Winston recently won an HBO series 'The Hype,' and I was thrilled to work alongside him in a creative partnership that showcased the fusion of art and fashion.

During our initial discussions, we discovered that we shared a common vision of creating something inspiring and boundary-pushing. We wanted to make a meaningful impact and use our creativity to promote a good cause. Together, we chose the theme of Crypto Icons, a series of both physical paintings and animated NFTs that depict artists and musicians who are heavily involved and positively influencing the crypto space.

The creative process was an exciting and rewarding experience. We worked closely to integrate art with design in a way that felt true to both of our visions and allowed the pieces to truly shine.

Winston's unique style and culture around his brand intrigued me, and I found that we were both always looking for new and exciting ways to share creativity with others while pushing the boundaries of traditional art and design forms.

As an artist, my focus was on highlighting the individuality and persona of each artist and musician depicted in the paintings. I used my creativity to portray their personalities and unique styles while also bridging something as low tech as pollenating bees with high tech digital realm. The bee theme was a natural choice for the project, as Winston's brand is known for his golden bee symbol. We used art to remind people of the importance and role of bees in the ecosystem, creating a tangible connection between virtual and physical.

Each painting depicts creatives from different fields wearing tailored garments from Barth's newest collection, covered with flowers and pollenating bees, symbolizing the hardworking and collaborative nature of the crypto world. We hoped to convey a message of collaboration, hard work, and the power of creativity in promoting a good cause.

The collaboration with Winston was an incredible journey, and I am grateful how well our work was received. During recent New York Fashion Week we had 2 events where we presented our work. First was the runway and pop-up exhibition organised by Blondehouse production group at Blue Gallery in New York and second event was a runway show as a part of the Society Fashion Week at the Hall of Mirrors where I had my work exhibited at the runway itself. Barth was showcasing his newest collection together with Australian bikini designer Bikini Beach.

The collaboration was covered by press and published in multiple publications and I invite you to read full interview further below. Our partnership showcases the power of creativity in promoting a good cause while pushing the boundaries of traditional art and design forms. I look forward to future collaborations that continue to inspire and captivate audiences through the fusion of art and fashion.

Interview for NYC Newswire:

Interview for Floss Magazine:

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