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Plant a tree for each artwork

Colorflow Copenhagen & EcoTree

Today I wanted to share with you a new sustainable practice I have introduced to my art!

As an architect in the past I worked a lot with sustainable design and materials, and since I took an artistic path I wanted to establish sustainable practices in my art career.

However, truth be told there is little one can do in terms of circularity in art inventory. Many artists strive to limit their carbon footprint by using thoughtful processes and environmentally conscious art supplies. The problem that it’s far easier to find the buzzwords like natural, organic, Fair Trade, and eco-friendly than it is to find professional-quality “responsibly sourced” art supplies.

I chose to team up with EcoTree and from now on I plant a tree for each produced or sold painting!

Once you have purchased the artwork from me, you will receive the certificate with the details of the newly planted tree on your behalf !

The Ecotree is a growing start-up with a forest in France and Denmark and with a huge variety of trees. I chose EcoTree as besides just planting they actually maintain the trees. Moreover, their practices are up to date and transparent. You can read more on their website.

You can see the tree details when buying an artwork or you can choose the tree yourself when ordering a commission art!

Did you know that one tree can up absorb up to 800kg of CO2 over its lifespan?

Thank you for your interest!

Lots of love from my studio,

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I love the collaboration with EcoTree - great initiative!

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