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First Mural in Mexico

Hey friends,

If you're following me on social media you probably saw me 10 meters above the ground painting a mural this September!

This summer I was lucky to be invited by the crazy talented artist Ruben Carrasco to join him for the project at Hotel Xcaret Arte in Mexico! The project consists of few large murals and an art installation for the resort.

Hotel Xcaret Arte is located at the waterfront of the Caribbean - between Cancun and Tulum - one of the most beautiful regions of Mexico. It's a luxury resort with truly incredible architecture, carrying the concept to promote Mexican culture and art, therefore being full of art pieces, installations and sculptures.

Moreover, there are creative workshops on the grounds of the resort where one can learn different local crafts such as pottery workshops. As a team we were lucky to stay at their grounds, and felt very welcomed by friendly and kind staff.

I've always admired Ruben's art as it carries such a recognisable and strong read thread - inspired by ethnicities and nature, he bridges ancestry with the future. If you're familiar with my Colors for Climate series, then you can probably imagine how much his theme resonates with me.

He's developed a super cool technique for his walls - one that's sustainable and eco-friendly: no endless spay cans, all he needs is only small jar of simple white acrylic paint. I picked up the technique easily and really enjoyed the painting process.

One of the most exciting parts of the experience was actually painting 10 meters above the ground! We used special elevation machinery. To be honest, when I went up the first time I was even afraid to move, yet I overcame that and ended up enjoying this unusual creative process.

Above all, I was impressed by hospitality and friendliness. I met incredible people and feel in love with Mexican culture!


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